Great Advert Roundup

I’m a sucker for a good advert. Clever adverts such as Oranges “I Am A Smile When You Least Expect It (see below)”, Benettons controversial but accurate campaigns, and over the past few days I’ve found quite a few great print adverts which caught my eye.

The Orange advert always makes me smile. It’s so fluid and random at the same time. It makes you think like a child for a second and ultimately drops Orange in an exciting, fresh and great advertising niche. Hopefully after the T-Mobile merge these adverts will stay as the T-Mobile adverts are really sh**.


Clever use of an old stereotype. Kids hate going to Grandmas. So bring her cooking home.


Disturbing in every way yet after reading the tagline it makes sense, in a sick twisted way.


Putting textures into Billboards is probably no easy feat although the guy who put it up probably saved time getting each one smooth.


OTT for sure but a brilliant way to advertise…a magnifying glass!

Y&R Dubai


Golden Age Integrated Marketing & Communication. (Ignore the “Sprinking the Passion” Haiku.)
I like it when companies “dirty” their cars up. Most 4×4’s are pathetic excuses for offroad vehicles, finally Audi saw the light and slapped some mud on there…or did they?