The tale of the design rip off

It happens a lot. Someone may browse your website and think “That looks great, I could use that”, then five minutes later there is an exact replica somewhere being passed off as their own work.

It’s finally happened to me. Normally you probably don’t have the privilege to see this blatant ripping of ones own work but today it was brought to my attention.

Exhibit A, The Logo:

Wow, looks awfully familiar. This is the second version of his defamation, the first version looked like this:

It gets better.

Exhibit B, Twitter Page.

Now this didn’t bother me as much, but I figured I’d put it online anyway, just to finish off the point.

Great work at disguising it, I can hardly tell where your inspiration came from!

To finish off here’s the copy of the first email I sent to the guy.


Could you please provide me with an email address or telephone number to get in touch with you.

It has been brought to my attention that you have recently created Creative Collusions which can be found here

The logo is quite obviously a complete rip off of my own copyrighted logo for Zero One Hundred, my freelance persona. I created the logo nearly three years ago as the main feature of my brand. I could go into detail about how the logo was created, why and where but I’m not going to bore you.

Frankly I’m flattered you would attempt such a logo but to be honest, it’s a very poor attempt and I am therefore issuing you notice of a Request for Removal. Please delete all references which vaguely look like my logo, please remove it from Twitter and please stop using any colours associated with Zero One Hundred. This includes the background colours on my website, the background colours on my Twitter page and even includes and design work I have produced that you blatantly decided to rip off.

By all means use me as inspiration, but don’t blatantly rip off other peoples copyrighted work. It could get you into a lot of trouble in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Goddard

I appreciate not everyone knows about copyright law, to combat that I suggest you read the latest UK copyright law,_Designs_and_Patents_Act_1988 so you know the basics. What it means (in it’s basic terms) is that any work you create is copyrighted to you. As long as you can prove you created it before someone else did, you’re in the right. Just bear that in mind for the future.