You were right, you were always right. It was inevitable.

MacBook Pro Power Lights

I’ve been a “reputable” designer for a while now. I build websites, it’s what I love to do and have a passion for. Not many people understand the technicalities, the challenges and the experience of what design means to a person. Great design can only really work when the regular users “don’t notice it” so to speak, while the creatives notice the 1px shading and drop shadows. I’m not just talking web design though, but ergonomic, interaction and user experience design. It can range from a simple CTA button, to a complex and expressive JavaScript banner. It’s all in the details. KISS.

Never have those last 5 words ever been more true when I finally jumped onto the Mac bandwagon. I’ve had an iPhone for nearly two years now, and I can’t imagine having any other phone. It’s just so integrated with my life it’s unbelievable. I have an expensive sound system with a universal dock. I have a very expensive car stereo system designed around the iPod. I have bought cases to protect it, earphones to harness it’s output and now finally, a MacBook pro to add to my growing urge to buy all things with a glowing fruit on it’s backside.

I’m a Windows user, always have been, and Windows 7 is actually an operating system I like, and still do to some degree. I’ve resisted buying a Mac because I thought they were just flash, overpriced gadgets, and to a degree they are. But now I’ve started with the Mac OS I realise just how cumbersome and annoying W7’s little niggles really were. The search box for example, it never seems to find anything I want. I still haven’t to this day managed to find putty.exe through it and I use it weekly, yet, typing in Spotlight instantly brings up what I’m looking for. I still don’t think I’ll actually use the applications folder at all. I simply hit cmd-Space bar and I’m there, ready to search in a split second.

Since I bought it (I’m typing on it right now) I’ve explored many of the features and settings and I am yet to find a problem I can’t solve. Heck, “problem” is an overstatement, as I’ve not really had one.

I had a meeting with a client last week and he said two things which were spot on regarding Macs;

  1. Apple’s slogan should be “It just works.”
  2. Get one, they’re f**king brilliant.

I went out and bought the 13″ MacBook Pro, the 2.4 and it feels rapid. I don’t know if I’d need anything more powerful.

It’s also making me consider chucking my desktop, and buying a NAS drive caddy for its hard drives.

I seem to be in a world of innovation and joy recently, building new products I never thought I’d be working on, starting back for the final year of university, working with some awesome new people and clients, listening to some awesomely innovative music (you should year the amazing new Linkin Park album) and attending some great gigs locally.

If you have the cash, get a Mac, and you’ll probably want to write something similar to what you’ve just read. So for all those who said “get a mac”, You were right, you were always right. It was inevitable…

Things which inspired this article:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
  • F1 2010 (it’s brilliant)
  • Jimi Hendrix (you have to know who he is)
  • Dead Sons
  • The Book Club
  • The Matrix

2 thoughts on “You were right, you were always right. It was inevitable.”

  1. I’ve always said the mac beats pc hands down for creative and somewhat web programming!

    Love my MacBook so much so my next machine is an iMac for sure!

    Welcome to the world!

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