Microsoft’s horrible user journey

Disclaimer: I understand it’s being replaced with Skype, and praise the lord!

A lot of people wonder why I use Mac software/hardware so religiously, and it has nothing to do with following the herd and has everything to do with usability and design. While OSX might not be the pinnacle of usability (finder is horrendous), in my opinion I couldn’t manage with their Microsofts legacy method of design. It’s been something which has annoyed me for years.

I’m going to avoid explaining why I was downloading MSN messenger but the fact of the matter is I needed to for my Mac, don’t ask.

Step 1: Google “MSN Messenger”

Step 1

So the first issue is Google can’t even find it or the right page to take me to! The spammy advert also takes me to a dodgy looking rip off messenger client. I selected the link highlighted in red…

Step 2: Hunt for the download

Step 2

After admiring the beautiful iStock photography completely unrelated to Messenger, I spotted a nice big blue download button! Success!

Step 3: Click the big blue download button again

Step 3

I have no idea why this page even exists. Anyway…click it again.

Step 4: Download office??!

Step 4

This has absolutely nothing to do with Messenger! What is going on? Oh, look at the tiny link!

Step 5: Download Office updates

Step 5

Are Microsoft seriously taking the piss?

Step 6: Take your pick!!!

Step 6

No logical order to the version numbers, different names. Which one do I actually download? Let’s try 8.0.1?

Step 7: Click the big yellow download button!

Step 7

Step 8: Click the big orange download button!?

Step 8

Praise the lord! Finally a download!

Step 9: Read the simple instructions

Come on Microsoft. It’s not hard.

Now, to defend Microsofts future, I’ve seen Windows 8, and it looks pretty. But after watching usability views of it, it looks terrible. This video of a drunk user test is specifically useful to watch: