Experimenting with Super8

A couple of years back we found some old Super8 films at my Nans house, buried underneath years of collections and forgotten. The Super8 films were intact and in perfect condition. Hours of video locked away. And she no longer had her projector, that had died years earlier.

So we had all these locked away memories from 40 years ago, with no way of viewing them. We managed to track down a projector on eBay and settled for the Eumig Mark-501. A great little machine. After setting up the projector and getting it running smooth, I setup a video camera to film the projector. Got the room really dark, set the light on the projector to half power (too bright on full) and you get a pretty clear picture! I randomly had to adjust the focus on the lens when different film was spliced together but overall, really happy with them. Currently sifting through them in iMovie and editing them to pop onto DVD for my Nan. Looking forward to the final cut.

It feels strange watching old Super 8 video my Grandad made who died when I was only 2 years old.

I hope my Nan will enjoy seeing some of her memories brought back to life on her fancy new 40″ OLED TV. Look out for my Mum at the end holding onto my cousins coat as he feeds the ducks.

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