New venture, Divide.


So a few months ago, I was sat in my day job thinking “I wish I could do…”, “I wish this was done a certain way…” “I want to do…”.

I left Technophobia in 2012 after spending 2 years there and went to MadeByPi for a short stint as a UX designer. I’d decided that what I wanted to do was UX based. I wanted to sell these techniques I’d learnt on the front line. I wanted to meet people, network, interact, have time to do my own thing and challenge myself in a new way. Turning up at 9am and leaving at 5pm just wasn’t working for me. I’m used to pulling all nighters, actively challenging myself and working harder than the average human. I did this for a few years at Uni, and my final year was, well, mental.

So, now it’s time to do that all again! But this time I’m risking any savings I have in my bank account, and investing in starting up on my own. I created Divide. My goal for 2013 is to still be doing this in December. Making and designing websites¬†and expanding my own business by helping others’. Whether it’s freelance with companies such as MadeByPi and Technophobia, or designing and creating with my own new clients, I hope I’m able to continue it for a long time to come.

Have a look at the new site. I’ll be updating it soon with case studies of Moonsync and TwiPho.

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  1. Fair play mate. I wish you all the best in your bold move to start out by yourself. You have the talent and drive to make it happen so I am looking forward to hearing about the projects you take on and how you tackle them. Kudos.

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