Le Tour Yorkshire, Grand Départ

Le Tour Yorkshire

Today I headed to the town hall for the Welcome to Yorkshire “Tour de France” roadshow.

In case you hadn’t heard already, the world renowned and one of the most popular annual events in the world is coming to town. Starting up in Leeds (Stage 1) it works it’s way through Yorkshire, finishing in Sheffield (Stage 2) the day after passing through places like Harrogate and York along the way. It’s an exciting prospect for cyclists across Yorkshire and one which businesses will want to grab with both hands.

As a keen cyclist myself, the prospect of the Tour leaving a trail of good things and bringing in new visitors is a great one. It’s why I’ve always been reluctant of moving out of the countryside and into the city. The ability to hop on your bike and cycle through the woods and into the pennines in no time is certainly a luxury, and one which many city dwellers fail to understand or explore.


If you get the opportunity, try cycling in and around Penistone, Sheffield, Holmfirth, Huddersfield and you’ll quickly see why the Tour is coming to town. Although, maybe overlook the pot holes for now, as I’m told they’re be départing before the competition arrives ;)

Welcome to Yorkshire, and welcome to Sheffield. See you in 2014!