The things that annoy me about iPhone 3.0

Don’t get me wrong, the new updates for the iPhone are a much needed modification for the device. Cut/Copy & Paste, Tethering and MMS are all things which should (in my opinion) have been on the phone from the very first incarnation. These things were standard on even the most basic of modern phones.

Apple have played it clever. They brought out an amazing phone and missed out a lot of the basics. The annoying thing though is the fact that Apple is shouting about simple things such as “Read and write texts, emails and picture messaging holding your iPhone sideways.“. Wow! “Cut Copy Paste, Move text, numbers, email addresses between apps“. Honest to god these are not major selling points for the new iPhone software so why flaunt them? To say these are only 2 of the most flaunted updates how good can the other 98 be? Thank god Apple have updated the website today to show the other top features such as the search function, stereo bluetooth and the new language support.

Overall I’m happy with the new update and look forward to installing it next Wednesday (June 17th) but I can’t help but feel Apple have been deliberately holding this off for 2 years just to drum up a bit of cash/publicity. Classic Apple/Jobs, and to be honest, it’s worked on me, as ashamed as I am to say it, I’ll probably be on the phone to o2 next week about upgrading to the 3G S (which is a crap name by the way). :-D

Cliffe Kennels

I’ve just launched the brand new Cliffe Kennels & Rescue site for the world to view. Dennise needed a brand new image for their boarding kennels to attract more customers to the business. I built them a full PHP/MySQL site with a fully integrated admin section so they could add and remove the animals on their own website. It adds the animals to the database, generates image thumbnails for them and basically makes life easier. I also did all the photography for the site too.

Check out the brand new design over at and maybe even think about rescuing a dog too!

(If your really interested you can see the old website over here. Blargh!)

TwiPho – Twitter Photo Search


Well, it seems I have more time on my hands than I need. Wednesday my on-line chum Matt decided he wanted to “build something”. Anything he said. He was open to suggestions. One of those was a Twitter photo search. To cut a long story short I stole by own suggestion and built it myself.

TwiPho was born out of two days coding (Thursday, 7th May and Friday 8th May) which accumulated to about 8 hours coding. Not bad to say I visited Alton Towers on Friday too.

Anyway, TwiPho is a Twitter Photo Search engine. It uses Twitters brilliant API (which I wrote about Wednesday) including TwitPic’s API,’s API and yfrog’s API. All Twitter image hosts. It searches though Twitter to find images related to a search keyword and shows you the images. 100% JavaScript, 100% AJAX. It uses the powerful jQuery framework too, which is a massive boost for my programming ego.

Anyway please have a look at it over at and even let you friends know about it on Twitter!

It’s even been featured on jQuery Style, so thanks again to them!

UPDATED: Using Twitter and TwitPic, the API’s


UPDATED: I have now added in a few lines to cache the file. This saves on bandwidth and can sometimes speed things up when the twitpic service is running slow, it’s a simple extension to an already simple script.

Most people have become addicted to Twitter, and I’m no exception.

I got an iPhone the other week and have been posting regularly, but there is one thing that is very nice, and that’s the API built into Twitter. It’s quite a nice feature, and one that I have been getting to grips with recently.

I decided I wanted to show my Twitter updates on the new website I have been building and because Twitter supports JSON feeds, I thought I’d have a crack at using jQuery to show these posts.

It’s something that’s actually quite easy. Using jQuery’s AJAX function $.getJSON it meant I could grab the feed and format it how I wished. First off make sure you have included the latest version of jQuery into your website.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This needs to go where scripts usually reside. In your HTML <head> tag. You will also need to wrap all the below code in the jQuery documen.ready() function.

In this example I only wanted to grab one result so I started off with… Continue reading UPDATED: Using Twitter and TwitPic, the API’s

Messenger Spam

This is a new one, and a funny one too!

I got three messages from three friends all advertising weight loss products. Initially I though what is a 25 year old male doing watching Oprah (and we are from the UK). Then I read it up a bit more…

  • “Sarah and Angie have both lost about 40 pounds each in just a few weeks, no diets no excercise just been taking those acai pills that Oprah had on her show. I been taking them now and dropped 27 pounds in just over 2 weeks. Get them now for only five dollars at http———–.com”

Hillarious. A funny spam. But, can people really be falling for this? I mean, come on, how desperate can you actually be to click the link? :D

As funny as it is for me it probably isn’t for those of you sturggling with the bug. Anyway there is a great post over at which I suggest you check out to remove it.

php.ini and Undefined Variable errors

It all started with a new server. After setting up and installation everything was working fine, until I read the error_log files in the servers logs.

There were loads and loads of error messages reporting that there were “undefined variables” throughout every script on the server. Strange!

It ended up being very easy to fix… Continue reading php.ini and Undefined Variable errors

Whistle Stop Tour 2009

Fancy riding 1,200 Miles across the UK starting from Lands End and finishing at John O Groats? No? Me neither!

These two guys are though (Adam Fisher and Oliver Frearson) and I felt obligated to build them a website promoting their journey. It’s in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and they are trying to raise £3000 (that’s only £2.50 per mile!).

Check out the website, visit their blog (which will be updated en route) and give them a bit of support.

If your feeling generous you can also donate by clicking the big donate button on the top left corner. Anything will do, even 1 pence, it all adds up.

Spam? Inbox: 568,456 unread emails

Hate the stuff. Recently I have been doing a bit of server shuffling and clearing out loads of crap the server has built up over the years, one of which (unknown to me) is a shed load of spam. Let’s first have some figures of just how much spam hits this server every hour and every day (bearing in mind theres only 5 websites on the server): Continue reading Spam? Inbox: 568,456 unread emails