php.ini and Undefined Variable errors

It all started with a new server. After setting up and installation everything was working fine, until I read the error_log files in the servers logs.

There were loads and loads of error messages reporting that there were “undefined variables” throughout every script on the server. Strange!

It ended up being very easy to fix… Continue reading php.ini and Undefined Variable errors

10 Web Design NO NO’s

The web has changed a lot and web designers (of all people) know about the need to keep up to date with the latest design “trends”.

This short 10 point guide will hopefully help some people understand the minor problems website design (and content) brings when being viewed by a potential customer.

  1. Pointless Flash Animation
    I’m all up for interactive flash in websites, but only use it if it’s necessary. Many a web developer will say “try doing the same in javascript, it’s better”, which is usually true, but animations which have no purpose other than to distract the user are pointless, bandwidth consuming and damn irritating.
    Check out Avistar’s Globe Animation. It’s awful to look at, and awfully slow. Continue reading 10 Web Design NO NO’s