Messenger Spam

This is a new one, and a funny one too!

I got three messages from three friends all advertising weight loss products. Initially I though what is a 25 year old male doing watching Oprah (and we are from the UK). Then I read it up a bit more…

  • “Sarah and Angie have both lost about 40 pounds each in just a few weeks, no diets no excercise just been taking those acai pills that Oprah had on her show. I been taking them now and dropped 27 pounds in just over 2 weeks. Get them now for only five dollars at http———–.com”

Hillarious. A funny spam. But, can people really be falling for this? I mean, come on, how desperate can you actually be to click the link? :D

As funny as it is for me it probably isn’t for those of you sturggling with the bug. Anyway there is a great post over at which I suggest you check out to remove it.